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Covid-19 protocols

I am committed to the highest level of safety for my clients. I use sanitation procedures based on the CDC and the state of Michigan guidelines to bring you services that are safe and, therefore, truly relaxing. (Last updated on 9/1/2023)

  • I am vaccinated and I have never caught a covid. I have never had any client who got a covid after their visits to my studio.

  • After a trip I always get an official PCR test to keep everyone safe before returning to my work.

  • I wear a CDC approved  N95 mask throughout your visit. 

  • A high quality air purifier with a set of HEPA filters is placed between my client and me.

  • Door knob, pen and frequent touched places are sanitized before your visit.

  • Hand sanitizers are placed in the session room.

  • I throughly wash hands before your session.

  • All sheets and towels are changed immediately after each session, washed separately.

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