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"In her gentle caring hands my feet became a mirror like compass directing her ability to evaluate and enhance my well being. Everyone I referred to Yoshiko loved it. I am looking forward to her treatments."

-Steve, music teacher and owner of Oz's Music

"Yoshiko’s sessions are truly healing, and deeply relaxing. Her training combined with her intuitive sense in her work focuses on each client's individual health needs at the time of each session. A kind soul, Yoshiko is dedicated to healing, and makes one feel at home. The environment at Nekko is calming and her treatments entirely soothing, body mind and spirit! I’ve made her sessions a regular addition to my self care routine, and happily recommend her to you! "

- Wendy Piepenburg, Psychic Medium

"Before meeting Yoshiko I had never experienced reflexology.  I had just had my son and was experiencing a lot of back pain and sciatica. Reflexology was a way for me to calm myself and experience a kind of meditative state that really helped heal my body.

Yoshiko has a wonderful way creating a calming atmosphere and concentrates on working the entire body through your feet.  Her massage is purposeful and connected to herself and her client.  My digestion is always better and my mind more centered and positive after a session.

I was fooled to think that reflexology was just a foot massage, but instead have learned the feet are just a map to the entire self. I highly recommend this ancient way of healing and Nekko Reflexology."


- B.H. , Artist and School Teacher


"Every time when I receive Yoshiko’s reflexology session, I feel that I am getting back to my center and rejuvenated. I always go to the half-awake, half-asleep relaxation state which I have never experienced anywhere else.

I am so grateful of her skills and gentle and genuine care."


-   M.A., School teacher and gardener

​ "My experience with Yoshiko was quite a positive one.  I was suffering from achilles tendonitis as well as some nerve related issues.  By the end of the fifth session my pain was gone and I have been pain free ever since. I've experienced energy work in the past and had a definite feeling of lightness in my feet along with increasing periods of pain relief after each session.   This was a very hard time physically for me and to feel the relief after each session was assuring to me that it was working. I'm real happy to have benefited from Yoshiko's talent and feel fortunate to know her. If you are considering reflexology you won't be disappointed with her grounded and skilled delivery."

- J. Z., Artist, Advocate of local businesses, and Health enthusiast

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